Who we are

The West London Zero Carbon Energy Project was established to implement one of the recommendations of the ‘Green City in the West’ report, which was published by the West London Sustainability and Climate Change Commission in March 2017. The recommendation aims to deliver a Carbon Neutral West London.


The project was established with the purpose of accelerating the transition to zero carbon emissions for West London businesses and public-sector organisations. We believe that this can be achieved from solar, wind farms, batteries and hydrogen; produced from both centralised and distributed sources. We also believe that this can be achieved while reducing energy costs.

Our Plan

We plan to reduce carbon emissions by providing a platform to group buy green electricity at cheaper prices than current fossil fuel contracts. Alongside this we will run energy innovation workshops to promote energy efficiency best practices and to introduce distributed energy solutions. We intend to measure the carbon emission outputs and track the reduction of carbon on an annual basis. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions from electricity to zero by 2032, which we believe will be achieved from utilising renewable technologies such as solar, wind and batteries sourced centrally and distributed, We also aim to reduce carbon emissions from heating to zero by 2050, by looking at switching the gas pipeline to a hydrogen pipeline as an example. We will be contacting West London businesses and public sector organisations to encourage their participation in the project: and to undertake a survey to help us establish a baseline of carbon emissions from energy usage. Additionally, the survey will aim to understand what plans are already in place to increase or reduce energy usage in the near future.

Ways your business can help change

We would ask all non-domestic energy users to fully support this initiative by being open with their energy and carbon data (within reason). We would ask you to positively discuss this initiative with your peers to drive engagement. We would ask you to share with us any projects, initiatives, or carbon reduction schemes you have run yourself so other West London businesses can learn from you. We would ask that you consider the environment in anything that you do and look to reduce energy and carbon costs at any opportunity.